How Naïve Can You Be?



The ebook, ‘How Naïve Can You Be’ was written by my German friend, Daniela Schwan. She actually published the English version first, but plans to publish a German version soon.

I met Daniela through her boyfriend, Andrew. Andrew was the first person I met shortly after I arrived in Bavaria. While sitting at the kitchen table at the Airbnb I stayed at when I first arrived in Rosenheim in September, I saw that Andrew had posted on the English Speakers in Rosenheim Page. His posting highlighted his desire to meet other English speakers in the area. I was determined to learn the German language in a short time and desired to befriend German-speaking people. At the same time, I also wanted to meet other native English speakers. Besides, I was so new to Rosenheim, I didn’t know anyone and I was eager to make new friends.

Andrew and I hung out a few times. In those times, I learnt that Andrew was a huge Football fan — liked to play football himself — and that he’s a wellness coach. Andrew explained to me that he uses this marketing platform called My Paying Ads to promote his business online while making a little extra money  in doing so. It’s a type of MLM marketing where you purchase ad packs for however much you are able to spend and you earn money back for surfing ten websites on the platform. Like anything, you get what you put into it. The more money you invest in ad packs on My Paying Ads, the more money you earn. Before I met Andrew, I had never even heard of this marketing technique (or quick way to earn money online scheme, whatever you call it). I had considered signing up and getting involved with My Paying Ads. It could possibly be a good way to promote my Crusades History course, I thought. However, since I am here in Germany, relying only on the savings I had saved up to get here, I decided not to pursue it.

In early-mid October, I received a message from Andrew on Facebook, explaining that his girlfriend really wanted to meet me and had invited me over to dinner. Of course, I jumped at the offer!

Daniela and I hit it off the moment we met each other. I quickly learnt that she’s a Law of Attraction Coach and also an internet marketer. She was writing a book about her experiences in the internet realm, how she got badly scammed and lost all her money as a result.

So many experts talk about how easy it is to make a good income online. They are complete liars! There is no quick and easy path to earning good money online. In fact, before I came to Germany, I read somewhere that 90 percent of all online jobs are scams. So, are there legitimate work at home jobs? Absolutely, but you have to really — I mean really — do your research. Unfortunately, so many people who aspire the freedom to work from home, on their own schedule, continue to fall for the so-called experts who promise wealth, prosperity and financial freedom. Here’s the crutch: these same people who promise to help make you rich, require you to fork over an X amount of money. And what happens next? They take your money and run!

In her book, ‘How Naïve Can You Be?’ Daniela explains how she got scammed while trading on Forex Trading as well as with Traffic Monsoon. The people who she had befriended on Facebook, those people who had expressed kindness and who had promised to help her get rich through investing on Forex Trading were those same people who had taken all of her money. This experience had compelled Daniela to become a Law of Attraction Coach. Her ebook sheds light on the internet scam issue, a topic that is a perpetual concern in our society given how many people continue to look to the internet as a means to earn a well-paid fulltime income. You can find ‘How Naïve Can You Be?’ on



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