I first met Poseiden in September during my first visit in Verden with my relatives, Dieter, Karin and Janna. The evening before I departed for Rosenheim, Dieter took me took me to a farm, a ten minute drive outside of Verden. There, he introduced me to Poseidon, one of the horses he has trained and works with on a regular basis.

Poseidon is tall, sturdy and strong; intimidating at first (I have no previous experience with horses) but very gentle. I had the pleasure of walking him, with Dieter on the other side of course. But it wasn’t until my last visit with Dieter that I had the opportunity to learn the basics of horseback riding.


The first time I rode Poseidon I was a little afraid that I would lose my balance and fall off Poseidon’s back. For that reason, I stressed to Dieter that I didn’t want Poseidon to trot. Dieter, though, didn’t give any heed to my lack of confidence. After a little convincing, I reluctantly agreed to let Poseidon trot. I bounced up and down like a ragdoll as I hadn’t quite figured out how to synchronize my body movements with that of Poseidon’s. But after some coaxing from Dieter, I had it figured out. That was because I told myself inwardly that I could do it! There was no such thing as can’t.

I kept my legs and feet tucked in tight against his sides and my hands strongly gripped the front of the saddle. The inside of my thighs hurt like crazy that first time, but I gradually relaxed and started to have fun.


Horseback riding wasn’t the only thing Dieter taught me during my last days in Germany. He also taught me how to feed Poseidon (Yes, I regretfully admit, the first time I fed Poseidon which was back in September, I was worried that he might bite my hand off). While Dieter swept Poseidon’s stable, I fed Poseidon several carrots. I also helped Dieter brush Poseidon, put on and take off the harness and saddle. It was a little challenging at first: I had to jump up in order to get the blanket on and off Poseidon and some of the harness straps were stiff, but I did it! And I thoroughly enjoyed the learning process.

*Note: It won’t be my last visit to Germany! I fully intend to return there to visit my relatives.




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