About De’s Adventures

De’s Adventures was created in September 2016 with the goal to combine my writing and photography skills in such a way where I tell stories through imagery with minimal text. Although ‘De’s Adventures’ chronicle my adventures in this life, they are not all about me. I am a small person in a great, big world and every experience I have is shared with other people.

About Me

My name is Deanna Proach and I wear a number of hats in life: I currently work as a landscaper but my real passion is writing (I have a blog that chronicles the history of the Crusades: http://www.crusadesandcrusaders.com) and photography.

I spent the opening months of 2015 in Italy and the last three months of 2016 in Germany. I reconnected with relatives in Germany and met amazing people during both adventures in Europe. My time spent in Germany, particularly Berlin, inspired me to pursue a vocation that is both creative and flexible: that vocation is photography.

Up until now, I have considered photography only as a hobby, but since I enjoy capturing my adventures on camera, I have decided to take my photography skills to the next level. I am currently capturing moments and landscapes with my iPod touch screen, but am saving up to purchase the right equipment for the work I aspire to do.

Want to connect? You can email me at deannaproach@gmail.com or find me on Instagram @deannaproach. I look forward to hearing from you.